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5 Hiring Tips for Manufacturing Companies

Hiring. Hiring seems to be the thorn in the flesh for HR professionals and Production Supervisors as of late. For a lot of manufacturing companies hiring years hiring has been anything but easy over the last couple of years. Some challenges of the day may be the "employment rate" or the "lack of skilled workers", or maybe "the millennial population does not want to work in the heat!" Whatever the reason, hiring today is a challenge. So instead of settling here and throwing our hands in the air. What can be done about it?

Here are 5 Tips to try in your manufacturing company to expand the reach outside of traditional hiring pathways.

1. Establish relationships with local technical colleges. Implement an apprenticeship program with tuition assistance.

2. Build relationships with local high school shop teachers. Implement work/ study programs for the shop class kids. Hire the shop teachers to fill positions over the summer.

3. Communicate your company mission, vision and a clear work path plan for new hires. Help potential and new hires get excited to see opportunities down the road.

4. Utilize relationships with your key suppliers to help bolster the funnel for new hires. Collaborate with your suppliers a vehicles to meet talent outside if your normal networks.

5. Consider the heavy labor jobs like laying mulch and landscaping. Use these networks as an additional talent source.

And finally, as a bonus tip - celebrate! Have an "Manufacturing Day" open house for the community to come and see what you do. Help them to see first hand how your business gives to the community through the jobs you provide.

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