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Franchise | Sales & Marketing Strategy 

A Papa Murphy's Franchise owner was looking for advice launching a new Sales & Marketing campaign. Performed a detailed SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and developed a Sales Strategy for the store and a Marketing Plan to draw awareness and attention to the under-performing menu item.  As a result, sales have increased 50% for the targeted product.



Church | Vision Casting & Strategic Planning

A local well-established church asked me to work with their leadership team to create a Vision for the future of the church.  The Vision Planning also included development of Core Values, to base all future decisions against. Led the team to identify key focus ministries, developed action plans for each based on the new Vision and Core Values.  


Family Business | Sales Training & Compensation Planning

Developing a solid Sales force is one of the most challenging parts of a business.  Giving the Sales professionals the right tools, and a repeatable, manageable system through sales Training is how I can help your Sales Team execute. Your Sales Team will see their success with customers and build rapport by creating lasting customer relationships and selling the customer benefits in lieu of products.

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